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Readymade Solar Power Kit- 470Watt (2 x 235 Watt Solar Panel)

This Readymade Solar Power Kit- 470Watt (2 x 235 Watt Solar Panel) comes with a Micro Grid Tie Inverters and UL approved Polycrystalline Solar panels, prewired and configured. This is a DIY or Do-It-Yourself solar panel system that is easy to install on a fence, patio, backyard or roof. When the sun is shining, the two 235-watt polycrystalline solar panels are expected to generate DC which will be converted into AC voltage by the UL approved micro grid tie inverter.

We asked three respondents from our favorite online forum who have used this product to share with us their experience and assess its performance. We will also contribute our own evaluation of this Readymade Solar Power Kit from Ensupra and give it a corresponding rating. Hopefully, we can help visitors of this site in making a decision as to whether this solar power kit is what they need.

Our respondents are Nicholas ( Reno,NV), Jack (El Paso, TX) and Kenneth (Redding, CA).

About the manufacturer

This Readymade Solar Power Kit is manufactured by ENSUPRA, a company comprising of a team of successful business men, technology pioneers, architects, engineers, and solar experts with 8 and half decades of combined experience. Its founder pioneered the premier model of India’s renewable energy system 25 years ago.

The main aspiration of the founder and team members of ENSUPRA is to promote energy conservation and solar energy use with a high level of quality at affordable prices. All its products are anchored on energy innovations while providing it with DIY or Do-It-Yourself applications for home owners.

Product features

  •  Est. Generation 800kWh /yr
  • 2 x 235 Watt Solar Panels (470Watts)
  •  Polycrystalline PV cells, UL certified. 25 Years of Warranty
  •  2 x 240Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverter with 20 Year of Warranty
  • Do It Yourself in an Hour. No wiring needed. No Batteries. Everything Ready Made and Preconfigured.
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit.


“This system is so easy to use. All you need to do is to set up the panels, plug it into a 120V AC electrical outlet and the panels will start to generate power. It is estimated to produce 800 Kwh yearly, and from where I live, this is easy to attain since we have sunny weather almost all year round. Since it is tied in to the grid, the power it generates is a reduction in our monthly electric bill. I give this solar panel kit a 4.5-star.” Nicholas

“After the 30% Federal Tax Credit, my investment on this pair of solar panels with a grid tie converter is only a little over $1,000 which is not really bad. If I save $1.40 daily with this kit, in 2 years time, my investment is already paid off. Even if takes 3 years, with the 20-year warranty, I’ll still be using the solar panel kit for 27 years for free. Isn’t that a great deal? I give this soalr panel kit a 5-star score.” Jack

“This is the 3rd ENSUPRA solar panel kit with grid tie inverter that I have. I have a 1,720 watt and a 500 watt. This new purchase gives me a total of 2,690 watts and I expect to get around 4,000 kwh/year from all three. The beauty of these grid tied solar panel kits is that any excess power that they produce is bought back by the grid. I have not really reached that stage because my power consumption (for my home and my small home business) is rather high, but in time I’ll get there. For this product and all three ENSUPRA solar panel kits I have, I’m willing to give them a 5-star.” Kenneth

Our Review

A solar panel kit with grid tie inverter like this Readymade Solar Power Kit- 470Watt (2 x 235 Watt Solar Panel) is a good starter set for those who are looking at a solar panel system to reduce their power bill. Because of the 30% tax credit, the initial investment, especially for this unit is quite reasonable, and Jack is right, pay-back period is only around 3 years, while the warranty is for 20-years. Buyers/users have more than 10 useful years from this kit for free. We have no qualms in giving this solar power kit a 5-star rating.


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