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  • Solar Panels for free

    How to Get Solar Panels for Free

    Solar panels convert the power of the sun into electricity. These panels are a great way to cut down on one’s electric bill especially in areas where there is plenty of sunlight. The good news is, a homeowner can get solar panels for free under the Solar Panel Purchase Agreement or SPPA. Under the SPPA […]

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    Renogy Starter Kit 100W

    Renogy Starter Kit 100W: 100W Solar Panel UL 1703 listed+ 30A PWM Charge Controller + 2 20′ MC4 Adapter Cable + Uniquely Designed Z Bracket Mounts The Renogy Starter Kit 100W is the ideal kit for people who want to start using solar energy off-grid.  Included in this kit are a  Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar […]

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    Clean Energy Program in Saudi Arabia Delayed by 8 Years

    The completion of Saudi Arabia’s Clean Energy Program that includes $109 billion in solar power is being delayed by 8 years. The reason for such a delay is the need for more time to determine the best technologies that will be used. The main objective of the program is to limit local consumption of crude […]

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    Solar Panels as Cover to America’s Parking Lots

    The United States is a nation of concretes. According to a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory research, surfaces of most US cities are composed of concrete from 35% to 50%, and 40% of that concrete covering is parking lot. Concrete as well as asphalt absorb the energy of the sun and retain its heat. This is […]

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    Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel

    Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel The Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel is an exceedingly compact solar panel that is ultra powerful. It enables users to charge handheld devices straight from its 12-Volt DC charging port and USB. We will review the Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel […]

  • Photo Credit: Spearhead Solar via Compfight cc

    The Brewing Solar Power Revolution in Australia

    Last month, researchers from Australia broke the world’s efficiency record on solar power efficiency with a design of an innovative commercial energy system. This raised hopes that maybe in the future the fossil fuel-dependent country could give up its reliance on coal. Researchers from the University of New South Wales headed by Professor Martin Green […]

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    Solar Panels: A good Investment

    A recent NC Clean Energy Technology Center study points out that in all of the 50 largest cities in the US except in 4, setting up a fully-finance solar power system generating 5 kilowatt of electricity is a better investment compared to investing in a well-favored stock market index fund. In addition, the cost of […]