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  • Solar Panel installer - News Article

    How to Become a Solar Panel Installer

    Becoming a professional solar panel installer is a major career move. Solar panel installers come from different fields of endeavour and of varying ages; some are established professionals in their own fields while others are young men and women who are entering the work force for the first time. All of them, however, believe that […]

  • Floating Solar Project in Sonoma, the Largest in the US

    Sonoma, California’s wine county, will be the site of the largest floating solar project in the US that is expected to provide electricity to 3,000 homes. The Sonoma Clean Power has contracted Pristine Sun to build the 12.5 megawatt floating solar project that is the 2nd largest in world and is said to come on […]

  • When Were Solar Panels Invented - News Article

    When Were Solar Panels Invented

    Find out the details when Solar panels were invented and their history.

  • Grape Solar GS-S-250-Fab5 250-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    The Best Solar Panel Kits for Home Use

    Solar panels transform sunlight into power or electricity. They promise to reduce a user’s electric bill by supplementing the power supplied by the grid or local power company. But the choice of a solar panel is not an easy task. Today, we will review and compare three products that are considered some of the best for […]

  • Solar Panels for free

    How to Get Solar Panels for Free

    Solar panels convert the power of the sun into electricity. These panels are a great way to cut down on one’s electric bill especially in areas where there is plenty of sunlight. The good news is, a homeowner can get solar panels for free under the Solar Panel Purchase Agreement or SPPA. Under the SPPA […]

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    Renogy Starter Kit 100W

    The Renogy Starter Kit 100W is the ideal kit for people who want to start using solar energy off-grid.  Included in this kit are a  Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel, 30A PWM Charge Controller, 20Ft MC4 Adaptor Kit, and a set of Z-brackets. What it does not include is a tray cable to connect to […]

  • 435364743_d81426afab

    Clean Energy Program in Saudi Arabia Delayed by 8 Years

    The completion of Saudi Arabia’s Clean Energy Program that includes $109 billion in solar power is being delayed by 8 years. The reason for such a delay is the need for more time to determine the best technologies that will be used. The main objective of the program is to limit local consumption of crude […]